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Pom Poms and Positivity

It's a well known fact that exercising increases your endorphins, thus putting you in a better mood. This was not always the case for me. Going to the gym gave me terrible anxiety. I always felt like people were judging me and I felt dumb because I didn't know how to use any of the machines except the stair climber and elliptical. My junior year of college, I finally found something at the gym that didn't make me anxious and actually put me in a better mood.... group classes. I began taking dance, yoga, and toning classes. In a class setting all eyes are on the instructor and no one knows what they are doing, that's why they are watching the instructor! Going to group classes eventually led to me feeling more comfortable working out alone, and my gym anxiety went away.

When gyms shut down due to corona virus, I resorted to doing workouts from YouTube in my living room. I've danced by myself in my living room at least 3 times a week for the past 4 months. I enjoy all my dance workouts, but sometimes I feel myself just going through the motions and not smiling and laughing like I would in an in person class.

This week I wanted to see if I still had my kicking skills from back when I cheered, so I looked up a Pom- Cardio routine to do and through out the whole workout I could no help but smile! Like many other workout classes, the instructor and music were very upbeat, so I doubt that's what made me smile. I am convinced that it was the pom poms, whatever it was Heather coordinated a great workout.

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